Wednesday, October 31, 2007

mojoPortal Wins Best Other Open Source CMS 2007

Yesterday, mojoPortal Wins Best Other Open Source Content Management System.
mojoPortal, is an open source web site framework and content management system written in C# that runs under ASP.NET on Windows or under Mono on Linux or Mac OS X.

About The Award:
The Packt Open Source Content Management System Award is designed to encourage, support, recognize and reward an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that has been selected by a panel of judges and visitors to Following on from the success of 2006, Packt has expanded the Award for 2007 with an increase in prize money and the addition of new categories.

The 2007 Award will continue to support open source Content Management Systems and in order to reward more than one project, Packt has developed new categories for a wider variety of CMS's to benefit from. These are broken down into five different categories including the overall winner and the most promising Open Source CMS:

After more than 18,000 votes, we've now closed the voting for the  2007 Open Source CMS Awards. Votes are currently being counted and the judges decisions are coming through . The winners will be announced starting from Monday 29 October, in the following order:

Monday 29 October:
Best Open Source Social Networking CMS

Joint Runners up: Drupal & Elgg

Tuesday 30 October:
Best Other Open Source CMS

Winner: mojoPortal
First Runner up: Plone
Second Runner up: Silva

you can read the full story here

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sample Code Download

During last week I got some mails and comments about problem with downloading sample codes of posts. I just fixed the problem and now all of the post 's sample code link is working properly. But anyway if there was any problem please let me know.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Search .Net

Actually finding something about .NET is easy by using Google or any other search engine, but a custom search engine will give you better and more reliable result.
If you want to have a customize search engine about .NET topics, you can take a look at You can also recommend your favorite web site or book about .NET.
Here is the site features as it said:

  • OpenSearch support: If you're using Firefox 2.0 or IE7 (or other OpenSearch client), you can add SearchDotNet to your list of search engines.
  • Google Gadgets: Add SearchDotNet to your website, Google home page or Google Desktop.
  • Component search engine: Distinct Custom Search Engine includes the sites of hundreds of component vendors.
  • Book site: Top rated .NET related books.