Monday, June 30, 2008

IE Developer Toolbar & Fire Bug

There is lot of tools & utilities that you may use to develop your web application or web site with ASP .NET.
In many cases you may want to debug & watch what is happening on your browser.
If you want to debug your web site behavior in your browsers and check style sheet effect and javascripts and .... I suggest you to use this two utilities:

  1. IE Developer Toolbar
  2. FireBug
Both of them are used to check browser behavior against your html, javascript and style sheets within your web applications, one of them for Internet Explorer and the other one for Mozilla FireFox. I really love FireBug but usually you have to check something for IE users,too.

Click on links below to download these free tools:

Download IE Developer Toolbar
Download FireBug

Friday, June 13, 2008

C# Tuning Training Videos - Async Method Calling - Part One

Finally, I've started to publish some training videos about C# and ASP .NET.
In first video I will explain how to call a method with asynchronous delegates.

C# Tuning Training Videos - Asynchronous Method Calling - Part 1