Saturday, May 19, 2007

Adding Removing Items from ListBox

I this simple sample code, I 've two Listboxes which in the Left Side there is a list of cars, and you can add/remove Item from/to the RightListbox.

I 'm holding all cars, and selected cars in session two keep over post backs.
If you want to enable multi select on the sample put


for the listboxes.

You can download the code here:


Hamid Torabzadeh said...

Hi my dear teacher
I'm Hamid Torabzadeh .
If you remember last summer, when you absent in the first section of your new term in Arina institute,(for your accident ;) ) , i was in that class ...
in that calss -> me , Mrs. M Tofighi , Mrs. B Khadem , Mrs. Y Dianatbeyk and Mr H Ardakani.
can you remember me ? ;)

Ok, anyway , so nice to meet you again in this weblog...
I hope in this location , i can take new and more knowledge around C#.NET form (specially)you and other dear friends in this weblog
Really i so glad for correlation with together again..
Have a good time and success for you.

Anonymous said...

salam ba ostad
kare khili khobi kardin ke dobare shore beneveshtan kardin
sai mikonam az weblogeton estefade konam
movafagh bashin