Sunday, December 14, 2008

Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Optimization Model

The Microsoft® Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) Optimization Model is designed to facilitate gradual, consistent, and cost-effective implementation of the SDL by development organizations outside of Microsoft. The model helps those responsible for integrating security and privacy into their organization's software development lifecycle to assess their current state and to gradually move their organizations towards the adoption of the proven Microsoft process for producing more secure software. The SDL Optimization Model enables development managers and IT policy makers to assess the state of security in development. They can then create a vision and road map for reducing customer risk by creating more secure and reliable software in a cost-effective, consistent, and gradual manner. Although achieving security assurance requires long-term commitment, this guide outlines a plan for attaining measureable process improvements, quickly, with realistic budgets and resources.

If you are intereseted in Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) here is some links to it:
The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL)
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