Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Add Google Analytics to a SharePoint Publishing Site

From weblog of MIKE KNOWLES
Google Analytics is a web traffic and demographics reporting service provided free of charge by Google. Google Analytics functionality can be added to any web site by setting up an account and adding a snippet of JavaScript to every page within the web site. Once configured you can see all types of statistics such as how users were referred to your site, number of hits per page, where your users are located geographically, what types of browsers and OS they are using, and much more.
This post outlines how to add Google Analytics to a SharePoint Publishing site. You must have edit rights for all site Master Pages. Google Analytics can complement the Usage Reports available to Site Collection Administrators and Search Term Reports available to Shared Service Provider Administrators. Analytics can also be used to provide read-only access to users who do not have administrative rights on the SharePoint site but whose job function might benefit from access to detailed site usage data.

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